Unable to leave Iraq, 190,000 Yazidis call for int’l help

DUHOK (CIHAN)- Around 190,000 Yazidis who took shelter in Duhok and Zaho regions of Iraq due to attacks carried out by terrorist Islamic State (IS) called for help from Turkey and European countries.

Cihan news agency visited a camp resided by Yazidis who live under very harsh conditions in Duhok. Speaking to Cihan, most of the refugees complained about not being able to leave Iraq at a time the IS kills more Yazidis each day since they do not have passport to leave the country.

A woman refugee said they had to walk on foot for a week to escape IS violence and they do not have anything with themselves. “We do not have anything to eat. They [IS] took our gold coins. Someone should extend a hand to us,” added woman.

An elderly woman named Kurti Seyido stated that they could barely save their lives from IS violence and they had to leave all of their possessions behind.

Another refugee named Mirca Heyder told Cihan news agency that they had no option but to flee their settlements since they do not have weapons as the IS has. “If we had effective guns, we would have defended ourselves against them [IS]. However, we did not have. We could not endure IS violence for two days. They attacked us with their guns and we had to escape,” added Heyder.