UN Security Council Unanimously Approves Monitoring Evacuations in Aleppo

New York, Decemer 19 (QNA) – The UN Security Council has unanimously passed a resolution requiring the monitoring of evacuations from Aleppo.

The resolution asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “to take urgent steps to make arrangements, including security arrangements in consultation with interested parties, to allow the observation by the United Nations and other relevant institutions of the well-being of civilians inside the eastern districts of the city of Aleppo.” Russia said on Sunday it would veto the French-Drafted resolution on Aleppo and instead proposed a rival text.

Earlier in the day evacuations operations in Aleppo were resumed with more than a thousand evacuees fled areas controlled by the opposition factions.

Syrian opposition and regime forces have reached an agreement on Tuesday for a ceasefire and the evacuation of civilians in the east of the city of Aleppo.

Source: Qatar News Agency