UN envoy holds joint talks with Yemeni parties

KUWAIT, June 14 (KUNA) — The UN Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmad on Tuesday held a joint talks session with the Yemeni parties involved in the peace consultations Kuwait has been hosting since April 21.
Today’s meeting covered a host of topics and priorities on the agenda.
The envoy continued discussions of the military and security issues. He addressed the formation of committees to supervise the implementation of any security arrangements to be agreed upon.
Participants will also carry on with discussions of the activities of the POWs and detainees committee, and will study the necessary principles and mechanisms to dissolve the humanitarian issue.
Following a meeting with heads of the Yemeni delegations on Monday, the UN official welcomed the Ansarullah movement’s release of 130 detainees in Ibb. He urged the Yemeni parties to set free as many detainees as possible as soon as possible.
Ould Cheikh Ahmad reiterated his strong condemnation of all unlawful arrests or detentions, as well as the bombing of houses, which violates international human rights law and Yemeni morals.
“The path to peace is never easy, and I am confident that the parties remain committed to finding viable solutions that will pave the way for a lasting agreement to end the war and open a new page in the history of Yemen,” he said. (end) am.msa