Doha – Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergiy Kyslytsya hailed the foreign policy of the State of Qatar and the tireless efforts of Qatar to bring peace and stability to many countries in the Middle East.

“We applaud the great efforts and the wise policy of the State of Qatar to bring peace and stability to many countries in the Middle East which is full of wars and armed conflicts which suffer from long lasting wars and disastrous armed conflicts,” Kyslytsya told reporters on the sidelines of the 17th Doha Forum.

The State of Qatar is an influential political mediator, and a generous donor to those who are in need, the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs said, adding that Qatar’s humanitarian contributions made recently have helped save millions of lives, provided shelter for hundreds of thousands of homeless refugees and educated thousands of children worldwide.

Kyslytsya lauded Qatar’s efforts in the Syrian crisis as it sought to protect innocent Syrian civilians and achieve political transition, noting that his country has repeatedly condemned the atrocities committed by the Assad regime against the Syrian population since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution.

The Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister said that his country, as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, manifests a balanced, constructive, and responsible approach to issues of bringing peace to the Middle East and Africa.

On the Qatari-Ukrainian relations, Kyslytsya said that Ukraine attaches great importance to boosting its relations with Qatar as it enjoys a special and important place among Ukraine’s partners in the Middle East, and looking forward for more economic and trade cooperation between them.

Ukraine, he said, is interested in mutual cooperation with the State of Qatar in the field of investment, expressing his country’s full welcome to the Qatari companies to invest in various economic sectors.

Kyslytsya pointed out that the Qatari-Ukrainian cooperation in the energy sector can play an important role in energy security in European countries.

On tourism cooperation, he noted that Qataris can now obtain entry visas directly at airports and the border crossing points of Ukraine.

Regarding the Doha Forum, the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that the Forum is an important international forum for reviewing and discussing pressing political, economic, social and humanitarian issues of concern not only to the Middle East but to the entire international community. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency