UK Civil Aviation Authority on LHR noise: Aviation needs to be a good neighbor

Andrew Haines, Chief Executive at the UK Civil Aviation Authority commented on this article and told eTurboNews:Any reduction in the noise and environmental impacts caused by aviation is a positive step. On noise, the CAA’s analysis shows that the 55dB noise contour (Lden) area has reduced by 19% between 2006-2016 and we welcome these developments. The progress made by all parts of the aviation industry, from manufacturers to airlines, airports to air navigation service providers, to focus on reducing the environmental impact of flying should be applauded.However, almost 700,000 people remain exposed to noise levels at or above 55 dB Lden. We know more can be done. Aviation needs to be a good neighbour and local communities rightly want to see more action. We want to see more operational and technological advancements leading to enhanced procedures and improvements that help reduce the noise impact further.The regulatory regime needs to be strengthened to offer incentives and ensure accountability around noise performance.While the positive developments of recent decades are to be welcomed, nobody can be allowed to rest on their laurels. There is still a great deal to do and huge potential for further progress. It is incumbent on all working in the industry to focus on this as a priority in the years to come.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar.