UAE urges International Community to take collective action to identify countries that support, finance terrorism to sustain peace.

The UAE has urged United Nations’ agencies and Member States to take collective action to identify countries that support and finance terrorism and hold them accountable. This call was made at the UN High-Level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustainable Peace by Zaki Nusseibeh, Minister of State and Head of the UAE delegation to the meeting.

“An effective approach to peacebuilding and sustaining peace must be comprehensive and takes into account the specific national context, regional dynamics, and international drivers of today’s conflicts and must support national ownership of political, policy, and institutional solutions and reforms,” emphasised Minister Nusseibeh in his statement before the General Assembly.

He confirmed the UAE’s approach to peace has always been long-term and multifaceted, with prevention at its core. This extends to the UAE’s military involvement, where the UAE is an active contributor to the security architecture of the region and has participated in international coalitions in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Bosnia-Kosovo, and the Gulf War, as well as in the fight against Da’esh.

As a Member of the Arab Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen, the UAE is contributing to the reconstruction and provision of aid in Yemen. Furthermore, the UAE is providing emergency assistance to Syrian refugees to integrate them into their communities better, as well as rebuilding government institutions and preserving heritage in areas liberated from Da’esh in Iraq.

Minister Nusseibeh said that a key aspect of any effort to prevent conflict and build peace must focus on multilateral efforts to end the financing and support of extremism and terrorism. Subsequently, the UAE has taken measures, along with its partners and allies, to stop these countries and to end their nefarious policies that have destabilised the Middle East.

He reaffirmed the UAE’s commitment to political resolutions and the UN-led processes aimed at fostering durable peace around the world, particularly in Libya, Syria, and Yemen. He confirmed that the UAE is committed to ensuring peace beyond the region, as well, highlighting the UAE’s humanitarian assistance to the displaced Rohingya.

“Our peacebuilding efforts are also based on partnerships and supporting the empowerment of affected people � specifically of youth and women � in participation and decision-making,” the Minister of State said. He added, “To that end, we offer our experience � as a progressive, modern Arab country that empowers women and young people through dedicated institutions and concrete policymaking � to provide a unique model for developing peaceful societies that are resilient to nihilistic ideologies.”

Nusseibeh further called on the international community to consult with national and regional actors to improve policy coherence and implementation and to use data to make evidence-based assessments for sustainable financing for crisis prevention and conflict management activities. He also called for the deepening of global strategic partnerships to maximise the impact of these efforts.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs