UAE, Saudi, and Egyptian ambassadors speak at press conference about Qatar boycott.

In a press conference that was held at the Saudi Embassy in Canada on Tuesday, UAE, Saudi, and Egyptian ambassadors to Canada spoke about their counties’ diplomatic decision to boycott the State of Qatar.

UAE Ambassador, Mohammed Saif Hilal Al Shihi, Saudi Ambassador Naif Bin Bandir Alsudairy, and Egyptian Ambassador Moataz Zahran, explained how over the years, their countries have continually asked Qatar to stop undermining their security, and violating both bilateral and collective agreements signed between them.

In a joint statement last week, the ambassadors clarified their countries’ commitment to combating terrorism, drying up its sources of funding, and fighting extremist ideologies and the tools used to spread them. The statement also highlighted Qatar’s continued violation of its obligations and agreements including the pledge not to support or harbor elements or organisations that threaten the security of their countries.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs