UAE plane delivers medical supplies to Mogadishu.

A UAE plane filled with medical supplies arrived in Mogadishu earlier this week, providing local hospitals with additional support for treating those injured in the recent terrorist attacks.

The aid is one of the latest humanitarian responses by the UAE to help in the aftermath of the bombings.

Somali Prime Minister, Hasan Ali Khairi, and the UAE Ambassador to Somalia, Mohammed Ahmed Othman, were both present at the airport to receive the plane, which was carrying large quantities of medicines and a variety of medical equipment which will be used to strengthen the capacity of Somali hospitals in providing healthcare to the hundreds of injured civilians.

The Somali Prime Minister thanked the UAE for its continuous support of Somalia, praising the efforts of the UAE medical team who are treating the wounded at the Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Mogadishu.

The UAE ambassador in turn expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Somali Prime Minister for personally receiving the medical cargo. He also expressed his appreciation of the Prime Minister’s efforts in consolidating relations between the two countries.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs