UAE commends Saudi Arabia’s counter-terrorism efforts.c


The United Arab Emirates, UAE, has lauded the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to eliminate terrorism and dry up its sources while referring to the success of the Saudi national security authorities in killing three wanted suspects involved in terrorist operations, including the killing of security officials in Qatif.

In a statement released today, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation condemned the cowardly terrorist acts committed by these terrorist groups, targeting the security and stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The ministry reiterated the UAE’s firm position of rejecting all forms of terrorism and violence against the security of states and communities, regardless of motives, justification and sources.

It also expressed the UAE’s support and solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in its fight against violence and terrorism while calling on the international community to stand together in confronting and uprooting this serious and dangerous menace, which threatens the security and stability of countries.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs