UAE Ambassador visits Consular Services and Visa Centre in New Delhi.

Dr. Ahmed Al Banna, the UAE Ambassador to India, made an official visit to the Consular Services and Visa Centre in New Delhi, to check if the resources are managed with the highest level of adequacy and effectiveness.

Suggesting innovative administrative ideas, Al Banna said that exceptional service standards and goals must be achieved effectively and in a timely manner by following appropriate applications and procedures. He also met the building’s management team to discuss ways to maintain the highest possible standards of external works at the Visa Centre with a focus on security, safety, fire prevention and parking.

The ambassador also met the diplomats in the consular section to review the status of visa applications and document verifications. According to a report, 27,337 visas were granted and 98,837 documents were verified during the first six months of 2017.

Al Banna suggested the use of innovative and advanced technology to receive visa requests and verify documents to facilitate the process.

In the upcoming meeting, he said he would demonstrate the improvement that has taken place in the current period.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs