UAE Ambassador takes part in 4th Halal Tourism and Hospitality Symposium in New Zealand.

Saleh Ahmed Salem Al Suwaidi, UAE Ambassador to New Zealand, on Wednesday participated in the 4th Halal Tourism and Hospitality Symposium 2018 hosted by Waikato Management School.

The Mayor of Hamilton, Andrew King, a number of New Zealand travel agencies, government officials, and academicians attended the symposium.

In his speech, Al Suwaidi shed light on the future of the Islamic economy and the role of the UAE in shaping this future. He began by emphasising the importance of the Islamic economy in the international economy. He said that the statistics indicate that the Islamic economy currently is valued at more than US$2.1 trillion.

He also noted the prediction about the volume of the Islamic economy which was slated to cross $3 trillion by 2023 and this remarkable growth is supported by the factors of future empowerment, the most prominent of which are the available investment opportunities and the spread of the scope of its business in new markets, both in Islamic countries and the world, which prompted the international companies to reconsider their values to comply with the guidelines and requirements of the Islamic economy.

He stressed that the UAE has developed its strategy, which focusses on improving the Islamic economy in the GDP by building local, regional and international partnerships, benefitting from the strong infrastructure of the UAE economy, strategic geographical location and the sound legal and financial basis which made it a major center for the Islamic economy in the world and a destination for all companies and businessmen associated with the Islamic economy, especially in hospitality and travel fields.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs