UAE affirms determination to upholding human rights.

The UAE is managing with utmost care and respect all laws and regulations addressing the challenges of people with special difficulties and sparing no efforts to eliminate any form of discrimination in this regard, according to a UAE diplomat.

The country’s support for the inalienable rights of People of Determination was spelled out in a speech delivered by Ahmed Al Jarwan, of the UAE Diplomatic Mission in Geneva, before the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council today. The session included a panel discussion on Article 3 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, during which Al Jarwan highlighted the UAE government’s decision to change the term ‘People with Special Difficulties’ to ‘People of Determination’ out of respect for this important segment of society.

The insufficient awareness of the needs and of this segment of society results in the failure to ensure their full rights and creates additional impediments that add to their daily suffering, he said.

Al Jarwan shed light on the initiatives taken by the UAE government to ensure full integration of people of determination, citing in this respect the launch of an electronic section by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department on its e-portal for people of determination to boost pubic awareness of their legal rights before courts and the privileges granted to them by the government.

“The portal features an interactive platform in braille to address the legal needs and queries of people of determination,” he added.

Concluding, Al Jarwan expressed hope that the panel discussion would result in tangible solutions to improve international regulations addressing this important segmment of the international community.