U.S. doesn’t authorize to sell equipment withdrawn from Afghanistan in Azerbaijan

Baku: The U.S. side has declined Azerbaijan’s recent request on buying Cougar and HMMWV military vehicles withdrawn from Afghanistan, military sources told APA.

It was expected that the mentioned military vehicles would be given to the inventory of the peacekeeping brigade of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, but the U.S. has declined to sell these vehicles to Azerbaijan. Such a decision from the opposite side was explained as Washington’s embargo on sale of weapons and military equipment to conflicting countries.

Note that, the U.S. stated last year that it would put on sale a large portion of the military equipment involved in the inventory of its troops withdrawn from Afghanistan, adding that during the sale it would favor countries which had actively involved in peacekeeping operations.

Azerbaijan will equip the brigade envisaged for peacekeeping operations with local production Matador and Marauder mine-protected vehicles and Turkish-produced Cobra armored vehicles.

It should be mentioned that the U.S. says it doesn’t sell weapons and military equipment to conflicting countries, but it sold over 10 Cougars and nearly 100 HMMWVs to Georgia in the last few years.