WASHINGTON, Mar 28 (NNN-QNA) – US Secretary of Defence, Jim Mattis, met here, Monday, with his Qatari counterpart, Khalid Al-Attiyah, where Mattis affirmed that, the interests both countries share, are what “binds” them together.

In remarks to journalists, Mattis said, “Over many years, we have stood together, both of our militaries, in the effort to try to stabilise a region of great importance, to the international community.”

“The relationship between our two militaries, through good times and bad, has been one that we’ve always taken a great deal of pride in,” he added.

He affirmed, “The interests that we share are what bind us together, but there’s also a friendship between our forces, thanks to your hosting of so many of our forces there (Qatar), and the support you’ve given to so many of our troops, who’ve rotated through and come home with very fond memories of their time in your country.”

The defence chief voiced appreciation to Qatar’s “hospitality, your serious investment in so much of what… the infrastructure there, so much of which supports our forces there, and we look forward that we continue to cooperate in many ways.”

For his part, Al-Attiyah reiterated that, the relation between Qatar and the US “is not only the cooperation, it’s the friendship we are enjoying together … and I hope to see more of this cooperation between US”.– NNN-QNA

Source: NAM News Agency