DOHA, Qatar, Apr 13 (NNN-QNA) – UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Dr. David Nabarro, praised Qatar’s great development and its strong focus on social development, within the framework of Qatar National Vision 2030.

What is special about Qatar is that, it has a great focus on social development, which is Qatar’s vision, especially in health and education, and it works to bring about unprecedented development in the country and the region, said Dr. Nabarro, UK’s candidate for the next Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), in an interview with Al-Sharq Qatari newspaper.

He stressed that, putting the priorities of the social development in Qatar at the top of this vision is an insight and a high focus on the means of sustainable development and ensures continuity and success.

Nabarro described Qatar National Vision 2030 as a distinct project, linked to sustainable development plans now and in the future, adding that, it also linked to the sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations in Sept, 2015, and thus Qatar’s vision for development is a global vision and is praised by the international community.

The UN Secretary-General’s Adviser expressed his admiration for Qatari role, in providing humanitarian assistance throughout the world, stressing that, Qatar is now one of the most important countries that seriously take upon themselves the task of providing assistance to countries in need.

At the same time, he praised Qatar’s full commitment and remarkable progress in dealing with the issues of climate change, in accordance with the international conventions.

Moreover, Dr. David Nabarro referred to Qatar’s mediation role to resolve regional and international disputes in a calm and positive manner, pointing out that the mediation itself is not easy, especially in light of the intransigence of conflict’s parties.

He added that, Qatar has succeeded in developing the national public health strategy, allowing all people to receive the necessary health care, especially children, women, vulnerable groups and needy, stressing that the health sector in Qatar is distinctive and advanced and focuses on public health, effective health services in hospitals and the value of human care.– NNN-QNA

Source: NAM News Network