The main problem with Qatar is, its alliance with extremist ideology and its spending of billions of dollars, to support individuals and terrorist organisations.

Some of these individuals and terrorist organisations are linked to al-Qaeda, according to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash.

According to the official agency, Gargash said, in a speech at the Royal Institute of International Studies in London, during a lecture entitled, “The Gulf Crisis: Its Causes and What will Lead,” which dealt with the crisis with Qatar, including its background, consequences and prospects.

In his speech, Gargash explained, “the background of the crisis, including Qatar’s disturbing trends, since the 1990’s, and the UAE has been at risk of Islamic and jihadist extremism, since the 1980’s and has been developing policies and measures to combat it.”

Gargash said, “The current crisis is not linked mainly to Iran, although the beneficiaries, and the fundamental problem with Qatar is, its alliance with extremist ideology and spending billions to support individuals and terrorist organisations, some linked to al Qaeda.”

“The pressures, negotiations and agreements over the past 20 years have not succeeded in discarding Qatar’s policies,” he added.

“Diplomacy is the only path adopted by the UAE in this context, and it does not intend to escalate beyond sovereign procedures and reach the level of international law. The UAE is ready to wait for the process to take its course and if it succeeds in changing Qatar’s behaviour, everyone has to.”�

Source: NAM News Network