Two Italian women activists win municipal elections in Rome, Turin

ROME, June 20 (KUNA) — Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S), a populist political trend, has won municipal elections in five cities and provincial towns namely the capital Rome and Turin.
The M5S female candidate, Virginia Raggi, 37, was elected as Rome’s first woman mayor, garnering 67.3 percent of the votes, against her foe, Roberto Giachetti of the Democratic Party (PD), who took only 32.7 percent of the votes.
Raggi, a lawyer, is the first Italian woman to occupy the top administrative post for the Italian capital.
In Turin, the nation industrial capital, a traditional hub for left-wing parties, another M5S female activist, Chiara Appendino, won 54.6 percent of the votes while the PD took 45.4 percent.
The Democrats have won the top municipal post in the second largest city, Milan, while Bologna was won by the center-left party.
In Naples, capital of South Italy, the independent mayor, Luigi de Magistris, won by a landslide against his right-wing foe.
According to analysts, the municipal elections’ results mirror major changes on the local political spectrum, namely the emergence of the M5S as a powerful political trend that opposes the traditional forces.
The Five Star Movement was launched by Beppe Grillo, a popular comedian and blogger, with Gianroberto Casaleggio, a web strategist, on October 4, 2009.
The “five stars” are a reference to five key issues: public water, sustainable transport, sustainable development, right to Internet access, and environmentalism. (end) mn.rk