Turkmenistan, Qatar Ready To Host Peace Talks

Kabul (BNA) The authorities of HPC said that the 6th round of QCG meeting is expected to be held in Turkmenistan or Qatar as these two countries have already expressed readiness to host it and the HPC has expressed optimism on this issue and called it as a historical opportunity for official beginning of peace talks. Being less optimist on holding of QCG meeting on Afghan peace talks, lawmakers and political analysts said, “So far the countries who are involved in Afghan peace process, have not taken any practical step in this direction. Female lawmaker Fawzia Kofi said, “In the beginning, the Afghan government trusted to Pakistan and hurriedly tackled this issue. But now it has realized that as Pakistan has not been sincere in the last one and half decade, it would not be honest in future too. Therefore the peace talks should be started from a strong position with opposition and in which the achievements of last years should be saved and protected”.

She emphasized that this time we would see that what would do these two countries on peace process. Lawmaker Dr. Qayoom Sajadi said, “Still there are doubts and suspicions on Taliban intention in peace talks but I think hosting of Qatar or Turkmenistan would be useful. Saheb Nazar Muradi a political expert of Afghanistan and region said, “Holding of such meetings could pave the way for restoration of peace in the country in which all challenges ahead of improving relations between the two countries are discussed. He added but Pakistan has always been supporting Taliban and other terrorists and never wants Afghanistan to be a secure place. Therefore the option should change. Qatar and Turkmenistan are the two countries who have considerable influence on Pakistan and can play effective role on peace process”. Ali Rahmani another political commentator said, “If the location of peace talks changes, probably there would be certain qualitative and quantitative changes in this process. But absence of Taliban in the talks could be controversial.

If Taliban want not to be targeted like their slain leader Mulah Mansoor, they should join the peace process otherwise they would have the some destiny. Ismael, a lecturer of a private university said, “After the death of Mullah Mansoor, the Taliban group has been engulfed with uncertainty and splatted in two factions of moderates and extremists. So they should exploit this opportunity and join peace process”. Tareq a student of facility of journalism said, “If the two countries could help Afghanistan, it would remain certain effects on peace process. Because Turkmenistan is one of the major trade partners of Pakistan in TAPI project and its mediation and involvement could be quite useful. In the last fifteen years Pakistan has always been playing double standard policy before Afghanistan as always terrorist activities in Afghanistan has been mastermind in Pakistan”. Many countries including US, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia etc are interested to be involved in Afghan peace process.

Source :Bakhtar News Agency