Turkish charity delivers aid valued at TL 2 mln to ISIL victims

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Turkish charity organization of Kimse Yokmu delivered aid supplies in worth of TL 2 million (1 million USD) to displaced Turkmens and Yazidis who have fled their homes due to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and settled in the refugee camps in northern Iraq.

According to Kimse Yokmu, 22 tons of aid supplies are mainly consist of the basic foodstuff and equally packed in the boxes which can meet one-week needs of a family.

Charity’s Deputy Chairman Huseyin FazlIoIlu stated that the trucks carrying the aid have already passed the customs and will reach to the destination points in a short time.

FazlIoIlu also promised that they will keep give a help hand to the Syrian, Turkmen and Yazidi people living under very challenging circumstances.