Turkish Army Hits PKK Targets in Northern Iraq

Ankara, – Turkish fighter jets have hit 12 PKK targets in northern Iraq on Tuesday, according to Turkish security sources.

The Turkish Armed Forces hit four targets in the Metina region of northern Iraq and in Cukurca, a district of Turkey’s southeastern Hakkari province, the Turkish Anadolu Agency (AA) quoted the sources as saying.

Turkish jets bombed the Metina region between 10:48 p.m. – 10:55 p.m. local time and destroyed the targets. Turkish warplanes also carried out airstrikes on eight PKK targets in Iraq’s Hakurk region.

The source said Turkish fighter jets bombed the Hakurk region between 10.29 p.m. and 00.53 a.m local time and destroyed the targets.

Source: Qatar News Agency