Turkish Airlines hits milestone of 1M passengers at Istanbul Airport

Since its mega move to its new home and new aviation center, the national flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) has seen its first 1 million passengers at the Istanbul Airport as of Sunday. Since April 6, the carrier has been gradually increasing its flights from Istanbul Airport since its great move from its old home of Ataturk Airport and started operating at full capacity on Friday, when it aimed to carry 895 flights. Including yesterday’s flights, THY has reached over 1 million passengers at its new home starting from its first flight at Istanbul Airport at 2 p.m. on April 6.

Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Eksi said that THY has carried 841,915 passengers on 4,872 flights since the move. “We will surpass 1 million with today’s passengers. It is going fine and will get even better,” he said on his social media account yesterday. Already seen as the new center for aviation, Istanbul Airport was officially opened on Oct. 29, 2018 � coinciding with the 95th anniversary of Turkish Republic. It can handle 90 million passengers a year in the current phase of development and despite this being a high figure, it is nothing compared to its potential capacity to serve 200 million after completion of all phases.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority