Turkey, Greece won't allow N. African migrants cross into Europe

ANKARA, March 8 (KUNA) — Turkey and Greece have agreed to prevent migrants from countries that suffer no wars, especially from North Africa, to cross any of the two countries to reach Europe.
The agreement was announced in a press conference on Tuesday by Turkish Prime Miniser Ahmet Davutoglu and his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras after they co-chaired the 4th meeting of the Greece-Turkey Cooperation Council in the coastal city of Izmir, western Turkey.
The two countries will return migrants from North Africa home, Davutoglu said, noting that the European Union (EU) will pay the costs. He added that Ankara and Athens share the views on the refugees’ crisis.
Turkey and the EU agreed in Brussels Monday on a new roadmap to dissolve the crisis, the Turkish Premier said.
Refugees’ influx will neither serve the interests of Turkey, Greece nor the EU, he said, calling for setting new rules for legitimate migration.
Davutoglu laid the blame in the aggravating crisis on the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad’s killing of his people.
Meanwhile, today’s meeting discussed a multitude of regional and bilateral issues, the prime minister said, hoping trade between the two countries would rise from USD six billion to USD 10 billion, in addition to settling the problem of flights between Ankara and Athens.
For his part, the Greek Premier referred to the tragedy of migrants who drowned in the Aegean Sea, while escaping grinding wars at home, for a better life in Europe.
Tsipras stressed commitment to ceasefire in Syria, seeking a peaceful solution to the refugees’ crisis and fighting terrorism. (end) rs.msa