Trump's border wall “absurd” – Mexican FM

WASHINGTON, Aug 7 (KUNA) — US presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s campaign vow that Mexico would fund a border wall was described by Mexico’s foreign minister as “absurd.
“We would never consider that,” Ruiz Massieu said in an interview with ABC News on Sunday.
Mexico has a “very integrated economy that would suffer greatly,” she said, adding that there was a “problem about narrow minds.” She dismissed Trump’s past claims that Mexican immigrants bring drugs and crime into the US.
The Mexican community contributes to the “development and growth” of the US, she said.
Over 35 million Mexicans in the US include “professional and highly trained people,” who have a positive impact on the economy, she added.
Massieu went on to describe both countries’ relationship as “strong and intertwined.” During recent a trilateral summit in Canada, the leaders of the US and Mexico reiterated their support of eachother’s countries in the face of all obstacles.
President Barak Obama said the US is “a nation of immigrants,” while Enrique Nieto warned of “demagoguery.” (end)

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