Trump to Brief Senator on North Korea

Washington,- In an unprecedented move, President Donald Trump has invited all 100 U.S. Senators to the White House grounds on Wednesday for a classified briefing on military plans against North Korea.

The senators will arrive without their staff or their mobile phones to a secured room in the Old Executive Office building at the White House to be briefed by the secretaries of defense and state, as well the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the director of national intelligence.

Normally a president sends his representatives or goes himself to the Congress to conduct such a briefing. In the two world wars, Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt went to the Capitol to address both Houses seeking a declaration of war.

The briefing comes amid the highest tension on the Korean peninsula in decades as the US, Japan and South Korea have vowed to respond militarily to any North Korean provocation.

The North conducted a ballistic missile test this week, which was condemned by the U.N. Security Council, and is threatening to carry out its sixth nuclear weapons test, banned by the council.

On Monday, Trump briefed ambassadors of the council at the White House and asked for increased U.N. sanctions on North Korea.

Meanwhile, a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group is due to arrive near North Korea later this week.

U.S. officials fear the North is working on a miniature nuclear device to be put into a ballistic missile capable of hitting the U.S. mainland.

North Korea says the U.S. is carrying out provocative action against its country and that its nuclear weapons program is in self defense against U.S. aggression.

Source: Qatar News Agency