Trump suggests US accept Russia's annexation of Crimea

WASHINGTON, Aug 1 (KUNA) — Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday suggested the US accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea for relations to improve in order to better serve the fight against the so-called Islamic State.
Russia’s annexation of Crimea was “two years ago, that’s, that’s, I mean you want to go back? You want to have World War III to get it (Crimea) back?” he said at a town hall in Columbus, Ohio on Monday.
He added, “wouldn’t it be nice if we teamed up with Russia and others, including surrounding states and maybe NATO and we knocked the hell out of ISIS (IS) and got rid of these people?” Meanwhile, Trump claimed that US Republican and Democratic party elections and general elections are all rigged.
“It (Democratic party election) was rigged, and I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest. Because I think my side was rigged – if I didn’t win by massive landslides.” Trump also said he had raised USD 35.8 million from small donors, consisting of USD 69 apiece from 517,000 donors.
He went on to compare himself to former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, whose campaign was funded by small donations, claiming both had “one thing in common” in their belief that “trade deals are destroying our country.” (pickup previous) sd.ibi