Washington, – U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has said that under his administration the United States would put an end to efforts to overthrow foreign governments.

“We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past,” Trump said on Friday. “We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks.” Trump said that from now on the U.S. foreign policy’s “goal is stability, not chaos because we wanna rebuild our country.” The remarks at a rally in Cincinnati during his victory tour follow campaign promises in which Trump said the U.S. would stop meddling in the affairs of other nations and instead spend money rebuilding America’s infrastructure and economy.

Trump had criticized his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for backing the 2003 invasion of Iraq and for advocating greater U.S. military involvement in Syria. Trump said at the rally that he would, however, work with any country to “destroy” ISIS group. He said he would ally with Russia in Syria to eliminate the militant group.

The U.S. president-elect has otherwise spoken harshly against Iran, saying it had benefited from the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He has also said he would pull the U.S. out of the six-nation nuclear deal signed with Tehran to curtail its nuclear program.

In the speech on Friday, Trump vowed to rebuild a “depleted” U.S. military, which already spends more on defense than the next ten countries combined.

Part of Trump’s aggressiveness on the military was displayed in his announcement at the rally that he had chosen 66-year old retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to head the Defense Department.

Mattis has said that Washington lacks an “overall” Middle East strategy and instead has taken a piecemeal approach. A former chief of U.S. Central Command, Mattis has also been a fierce critic of Iran.

Source: Qatar News Agency