Trigana Boeing 737-400 Gear Collapses Off Of Runway In Indonesia


A Trigana Air Boeing 737-400 freighter was conducting a cargo operation between the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Makassar when it faced gear problems. The plane was climbing out of Jakarta’s Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport’s runway 24 when the crew stopped the climb at approximately 3,000 feet amid issues with its right-hand main gear. When landing back at the departing airport, the plane skidded, and all of its gear collapsed.

According to The Aviation Herald, the Indonesian carrier’s 737 had four crew members on board the aircraft. When they noticed the issue while climbing, they entered a hold while attempting to sort it out and returned. However, as the jet touched down, it skidded on the runway on its left main gear, nose gear, and right engine pod. Subsequently, in the final periods of the rollout, it skidded off the runway before coming to a stop. Notably, all of the gear collapsed in the process.

No injuries have been reported from those on board. There is nonetheless significant damage to the plane.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority – Qatar