Training Department to Organize an Educational Hygienic Lecture for the Employees of the Ministry

In collaboration with Al Wakrah Municipality and the Primary Health Care Corporation, the Training Department has organized an educational hygienic lecture at the Theatre of Al Wakrah Municipality under the title “Kidney Patients and High Potassium Content in the Blood”. 32 male and female employees from the various sectors of the Ministry attended the lectures.

The lecture addressed the functions and components of the kidney, its importance for the human body, and the most important kidney diseases which may affect the human health and the person’s productivity. The lecture has been given by Mrs. Jinat Al-Azb, the Health Lecturer in the Primary Health Care Corporation. She introduces the means of protection from kidney diseases through the daily proper health practices.

In the same context, Mr. Mahmoud Fawzi Muhammad, a Nutrition Specialist in the Primary Health Care Corporation, talked about the importance of suitable and balanced food for the kidney patient which shall assist him / her live with a healthy and good kidney. He also discussed the general guidelines and healthy nutritional habits of the kidney patient which assist him / her cope with the disease while experiencing the least possible complications.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment