Training Course on Money Laundering E-Methods

In cooperation with the Qatar Financial and Business Academy (QFCA), the Licensing Department at the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activates (RACA), has organized a training course under the title of E-Methods in Money Laundering and Terror Funding”. The program lasted for three days, where a number of RACA employees participated, in addition to a large group of workers in Qatar associations and charitable organizations.

The program came as a continuation of programs series, training courses and workshops organized by RACA in the context of its efforts to immunize the charity sector and its employees against all risks and crimes targeting this vital sector.

The program – which is presented for the first time in the Arab world as a training program- aims to explain to participants the methods of money laundering and the terrors funding through innovative e- means, which vary between e-payment systems, tools and channels, and provide models and case studies for how to use each of them.

Source: Government of Qatar