Traffic Directorate Announces Registration Procedures for Dump Trailers, Caravans

The License Affairs Department at the General Directorate of Traffic announced the new procedures for registering dump trailers, desert bikes and caravans for manufacturers and companies only, pointing out that the decision will come into effect starting September 16.

The new decision stipulates that the desert bike (more than 50 CC) has a number plate, in addition to having the chassis, engine, brakes, front and rear lights in good condition, with a 1.7meter aryl attached and a triangle-shaped red flag hanging from it, and it is to be clarified that such vehicle has no insurance or technical inspection, registered and non-licensed, yet it can move in the deep areas.

In case of non-compliance, a fine, in accordance with Article No.2, for driving unlicensed mechanical vehicle is recorded, and the violation will be worth QR3,000 and three traffic points.

Source: Government of Qatar