“Traffic” and “WOQOD” Sign a Deal Entitled “Pedestrian Infant Safety”

The General Directorate of Traffic, and Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD), signed a deal for WOQOD to sponsor the issuance of a traffic methodology for Pedestrian Infant Safety, under the supervision of Traffic Department and the National Committee for Traffic Safety, specifically targeting kindergarten and the first three grades of primary school.

Major General Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, Director General of Traffic, emphasized the role of community partnership in achieving the requirements of the realization of traffic awareness projects, and its emphasis on promoting the culture of a number of target groups, which are aimed at with an effort to increase awareness , including schools’ students in different educational stages.

He pointed out that the project “Traffic Approach” contains many values and traffic instructions, which are not limited to the education and awareness of young people only, but may also reach guardian and teachers, promising good results for everyone, and further decrease in the mortality rates and accidents.

Source: Government of Qatar