Traffic and Ashghal Discuss Completing Online Traffic Diversion Transactions

The Traffic Planning Section of the Traffic Safety Department held a joint meeting with the traffic diversion department affiliated with Public Works Authority (Ashghal) via teleconference to discuss arrangements for completing traffic diversions transactions electronically through a smart application that it is being worked on in order to be launched this year.

Captain Mohammed Misfir Al Hajri, Head of Traffic Planning Section affiliated with Traffic Safety Department, said that the goal of the application comes within the framework of the General Directorate of Traffic’s endeavours to fully convert to electronic systems. This is also in order to provide its services to the public according to the state-of-the-art techniques and provide accessible online services at any time and from anywhere.

Al Hajri noted that the General Directorate of Traffic had submitted over the past year a proposal to Ashghal that the transactions of the traffic diversions should be done electronically due to large number of requests submitted during the year. This is in view of the fact that these transactions are joint between the General Directorate of Traffic as authority approving traffic diversions and Ashghal as an operating authority. He noted that the work is being underway to present these transactions electronically in the best form, and this smart application is expected to be launched this year.

Source: Government of Qatar