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Tourism Harvest of 2022

A great development has been witnessed at tourism sector during the year 2022.This comes in light of the Egyptian state’s strategy to progress the sector, in order to increase the number of tourists coming to Egypt to 30 million tourists annually .

It also comes within the framework of achieving optimal utilization of Egypt’s great diversity in tourist destinations, and in the following lines, We highlight the harvest of the Egyptian tourism sector in 2022.

The state supports tourism sector:

The political leadership presented unlimited support to the tourism sector, as the President of the Republic ratified Law No. 19 of 2022 regarding the establishment of the “Tourism and Antiquities Support Fund”, whose issuance came within the framework of the state’s plan to achieve the targeted merger between the two ministries of tourism and antiquities.

As the law includes the merger of the Tourism and Antiquities Fund Financing the Nubian Antiquities Rescue Project with the Antiquities and Museums Projects Fund, and the Tourism Fund, in one fund under the name “Tourism and Antiquities Support Fund.”

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has also worked to raise the efficiency of the internet speed in hotel establishments nationwide. This comes in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to implement digital transformation projects and mechanize tourism services.

Egypt has also ranked first in Africa, fifth in the Middle East and North Africa region, and 51st globally, according to the 2021 Travel and Tourism Development Index issued by the World Economic Forum.

Egypt opened, operated 431 hotel and tourist facilities, marine activity centers in 2022:

-In 2022, 431 hotel and tourism facilities and new marine activity centres were opened and operated across Egypt, which created 4,532 new job opportunities.

-This comes within the framework of the strategic goals of the tourism ministry to increase hotel capacity and tourism activities across Egypt and encourage tourism investment.

-These establishments consist of 24 hotels;165 restaurants;12 new hotel management companies;10 diving centres;15 activity centres; 23 yacht safari centres, a mountain safari centre, and 181 bazaars.

Promotional campaigns:

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has launched a a cartoon film for children to educate them about the importance of tourism, antiquities and positive tourism practices that must be shown with tourists, as part of the “Tourism Ambassador” campaign that has been launched by the Ministry to develop tourism and archaeological awareness among groups of the Egyptian people.

Follow the Sun” promotional campaign, launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB), in mid-March, was named the best tourism advertisement for May 2022 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, according to the global Ad Colony platform, one of the largest advertising networks on different mobile applications.

The ministry implemented a promotional campaign for the various Egyptian tourist destinations by displaying a variety of promotional pictures and films about these destinations on huge screens in “Time Square” in New York, which is considered one of the most famous commercial, tourism and entertainment fields in the United States of America. As it is visited by more than 80 million people all year round from different countries of the world.

The Ministry also launched a promotional campaign on social media in a number of countries, including the Gulf Cooperation Council countries; Algeria; South Africa; Kazakhstan; Azerbaijan; Georgia and Armenia.

It also launched a campaign entitled “Your Vacation with Us” on various social media sites to promote the Egyptian tourist destination for the summer season 2022 in Egypt and in the main Arab markets that exports tourism to Egypt, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the United Arab Emirates; Kuwait, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

International acclaim:

-The Travel website, one of the famous tourist electronic portals, chose the Egyptian tourist destination among the list of the best tourist destinations to visit, which enjoys a large number of tourist attractions that can be visited and enjoyed, under the title “Top Ten Countries with the Most Wonderful Tourist Places.”

-The Daily Telegraph also ranked Egypt as the second most popular destination among British citizens in 2022.

-TheTrip advisor is a travel site that has chosen Hurghada among the top 10 tourist destinations to visit this year, and has chosen also Egypt among the top 10 destinations that managed to achieve the largest annual increase.

-The Travel Awaits website, which specializes in tourism and travel affairs, published a report in which it stated that Egypt ranked ninth in the list that has been prepared by it, which includes the 17 most popular tourist destinations for travelers around the world to travel to during the year 2023, according to travel reservations for next year with international tour operators.

-The Arabian Business website stated in a report titled “The United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan, that the Egyptian destination is on the list of popular tourist destinations in the Middle East and North Africa region for travelers around the world for leisure purpose

-The Italian website Alma TV Travel also published a video news report under the title “Charming Egypt: 10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss”, during which it described Egypt as one of the most wonderful countries in the world with its unique and diverse archaeological sites dating back to various historical eras, starting from ancient Egyptian times, through Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic. The modern and contemporary era, stunning natural landscapes, deserts, wonderful natural oases, sunny beaches, and clear, warm water rich in coral reefs, highlighting ten places he recommended to tourists to visit during their trip to Egypt.

-The British Tourism Trend website, which specializes in tourism, indicated that the Egyptian tourist destination ranked second in the list of the best destinations for snorkeling, diving and marine activities in general, under the title “Egypt ranks second as the best destination for snorkeling,” according to Sport Cover Direct. , which highlighted the best tourist destinations for lovers of water sports, marine activities and adventures that attract tourists.

-Trip advisor site chose the cities of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh among the best tourist destinations in the world during the current year 2022 for tourists who love warm, sunny nature, according to the list of 25 tourist destinations that has been prepared by the site based on the opinions of tourists through their tourism experiences in various destinations.

Events and activities:

-The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities launched the first edition of the ETA Cup for the sailing yacht race, which is organized in the Red Sea Governorate.

-Egypt also hosted the meetings of the 48th Regional Committee of the World Tourism Organization for the Middle East in its forty-eighth session, as Egypt has won its presidency for two years 2022 and 2023 during the elections held during the 47th meeting.

-The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities speed up to grant tourist visas at the entry points of more than 180 nationalities for holders of valid visas from England; America; Japan; New Zealand or the Zhengen countries, it gives them special facilities for direct access to Sharm El-Sheikh and Taba, as part of the efforts made by the Egyptian state to push more tourism expatriates and encourage many tourists of different nationalities to visit Egypt by facilitating the procedures for finding a tourist visa.

-Miss Elite World International Beauty Pageant

Egypt has hosted For the first time Miss Elite World International Beauty pageant 2022, with the participation of 36 countries around the world, including Egypt; Algeria; Lebanon; Morocco; Australia; the Czech Republic; Italy; China; Colombia; India; France; Brazil; Russia; Macedonia; Poland; Spain; Tunisia; Serbia;America; Latvia; Venezuela; and Germany, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities represented by the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Promotion.

-Indian Wedding Planners Association

The ministry, represented by the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Promotion, participated in the activities of the first conference of the Indian Wedding Planners Federation EMF Global. As it is one of the most important alliances that includes specialists in organizing weddings that are world .It was also famous for their huge organization and high economic return, with the aim of promoting wedding tourism in Egypt. This come in the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to diversify the different tourist patterns and attract different segments of tourists.

-The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the General Administration for the Control and Inspection of Hotel Establishments, has finished passing through 248 hotel establishments in the governorates of the Red Sea and South Sinai.

This came as a continuation of the Ministry’s work to re-evaluate hotel establishments nationwide in accordance with the new Hospitality Criteria (HC) classification standards, which were developed jointly with the World Tourism Organization with the aim of bringing the classification of Egyptian hotels to their counterparts in the world.

– The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has also worked to transform the Egyptian tourism sector into a green, environmentally friendly and sustainable sector, which comes in line with the goals of the Ministry’s 2030 sustainable development strategy.

-The ministry also worked within the framework of maximizing Egypt’s tourism benefit from organizing the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which was organized in the State of Qatar, where a number of facilities were approved to attract fans participating in this tournament and holders of the “Haya” fan card to visit the Egyptian tourist destination during and after attending the tournament.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities concluded the year with Egypt hosting the “Disney on Ice” shows, which will continue until December 31, after an absence of about 15 years, which confirms that Egypt is capable of organizing such global events, and highlights the maximization of cooperation between the government and the private sectors and the role of government to enable and motivate the private sector to play its role.

Source: State Information Service Egypt

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