TODAY’S – University hospitals face financial crisis, lack of resources

University hospitals face financial crisis, lack of resourcesA recent report from the University Hospitals’ Union (uHB) shows that public university hospital debt has increased 93 percent in four years.The report came about following a tweet by an Istanbul medical school professor on Aug.

6, in which he stated that his hospital had been unable to perform lung X-rays. “At the moment, [Istanbul University’s] CerrahpaIa Hospital is unable to perform lung X-rays.

We do not have staff that can examine blood gases. Is this how modern healthcare is supposed to be?” wrote Dr Bulent TutluoIlu, a professor with Istanbul University’s CerrahpaIa Medical Faculty.

TutluoIlu told the online Radikal newspaper last week that the university hospital has been unable to pay its debts to various companies since 2011, and that it is currently experiencing a resource crisis as the companies no longer want to supply the hospital.The uHB report indicated that public university hospital debt has swelled in the past four years, skyrocketing from TL 14 billion to TL 27 billion.

It said fees paid to university hospitals by the Social Security Institution (SGK) for healthcare procedures have not changed in seven years and, as a result, the services that the hospitals are able to provide have declined by around 34 percent.The report also stated that university hospitals are in desperate need of financial support before September of this year “Similar to all university hospitals, our institution is dealing with financial difficulties.

Apart from that, issues resulting from old buildings and structural problems have also emerged as major problems. Our institution continues to approach every platform in order to overcome our financial problems.

The ‘New apa CerrahpaIa’ project is being implemented to solve structural problems. However, during the solution phase, urgent problems have been presenting themselves from time to time,” stated the hospital last week.

CerrahpaIa Hospital has vowed to continue its services without delay in spite of the difficulties it has been facing.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman