TODAY’S – TZOB: Turkey’s food exports to rise amid increased Russian demand

TZOB: Turkey’s food exports to rise amid increased Russian demandIn light of recent sanctions leading Russia to turn away from Western countries, Turkey has a major opportunity to increase its exports to Moscow, said Turkish Union of Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) President IemIi Bayraktar in a written statement late last week.Last Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin banned food product imports from countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia after it annexed Crimea and after pro-Russian rebels took down a Malaysian plane.

The banned countries include Australia, Canada, the United States and all 28 of the European Union member states. In the statement, Bayraktar said four countries are likely to pick up the slack in terms of exports to Russia: Argentina, Brazil, China and Turkey.

In the first seven months of 2014, Turkey’s exports to Russia were just over $7 billion. Fruits and vegetables were among the primary products exported.

According to Bayraktar, Turkey has the potential to increase its produce exports, and that its poultry industry –which he said had modernized to the point of being able to compete on a global level — has room for expansion. He said egg and dairy production are on the rise and that improvements have been noted in the seafood sectorBayraktar stated that Russia is just one of several countries that depend on food imports and are currently facing a crisis as such, and that Turkey should thoroughly evaluate how it can benefit from this trend.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman