TODAY’S – Outstanding short-term external debt increases slightly

Outstanding short-term external debt increases slightlyTurkeyand#39s short-term outstanding foreign debt registered a slight increase during the first six months of this year, rising 11 percent during that period according to recent figures from Turkeyand#39s central bank.Short-term outstanding foreign debt reached $130.

8 billion for the first half of 2014. Of that amount, bank-related debt reached $93.

5 billion, a 28 percent increase, while non-banking sector debt totaled $36.6 billion, a 27 percent increase.

Of this debt, 14.4 percent was held by the public sector, 13 percent by the central bank, while the vast majority — at 84.

3 percent — was private sector debt. The percentage of short-term outstanding foreign debt in the private and public sectors both experienced slight increases.

Nearly half of such debt — 49.8 percent — was denominated in US dollars, whereas 34.

1 percent was in euros, 13.4 percent was held in Turkish lira and 27 percent was in andldquootherandrdquo currencies.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman