TODAY’S – Golden Orange launches digital library of festival memories

Golden Orange launches digital library of festival memories Antalyaandrsquos AltIn Portakal (Golden Orange) International Film Festival is launching a digital platform for festival fans and film professionals alike to share their memories of the 51-year-old eventandrsquos past editions with the eventandrsquos organizers and everybody else.The submissions, to be uploaded on the festivalandrsquos official blog, will form an online chronicle of Turkeyandrsquos longest-running cinematic gathering through personal accounts.

Elif DaIdeviren, the festivalandrsquos new director, is the author of the first andldquofestival memory,andrdquo posted Wednesday on www.altinportakal. In it, DaIdeviren recounts a memory from the 2008 festival, in which she had to greet actor Adrien Brody, a guest of that yearandrsquos festival, with red, teary eyes only a few minutes after reading an extremely touching screenplay by Turkeyandrsquos SIrrI Sureyya nder that has yet to be made into a filmStories and photos from the festivalandrsquos past editions can be submitted to hafiza@altinportakal.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman