TODAY’S – Drought to push produce hike

Drought to push produce hikeThe prices of various fruits and vegetables will continue to rise in the fall following a long period of drought, according to Chamber of Agricultural Engineers (ZMO) Antalya Branch President Vahap Tuncer, speaking to the private DoIan news agency late last week.According to Tuncer, the ongoing drought has resulted in a serious shortage of fruit and vegetable production in recent months.

Prices for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, green beans and potatoes in particular are predicted to continue to rise in the fall as agricultural producers are still reeling from the effects of the drought that began late last yearTuncer said the percentage of land able to be cultivated had declined by 25-30 percent in some provinces due to drought, adding that the quality of produce had also been compromised by the unusually dry weather He said potatoes in particular will increase in price throughout the winter and that export prices will also rise.The prices of various fruits, vegetables and nuts have already risen drastically following low yields brought on by the aerse conditions.

Wheat producers also predicted a significant loss in production for 2014. The drought was coupled with a period of frost earlier this year that dealt a blow to agricultural producers throughout Turkey.

The province of Malatya, which produces one-fifth of the world’s apricots, was hit particularly hard by the drought which resulted in a more than 90 percent loss in yield.Water reservoirs nationwide have reached critically low levels, and recent bursts of heavy rain are unlikely to compensate for months of limited precipitation.

Last month, news outlets reported that Istanbul reservoirs had sunk below 20 percent.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman