TODAY’S – Cinema foundation launches Italian film festival in Bursa

Cinema foundation launches Italian film festival in BursaBursa Sinematek DerneIi (Cinémathèque Bursa), a cinema foundation in the northwestern Turkish city of Bursa, will launch an Italian film festival in the city this winter, according to Turkish movie website sadibey.comThe first edition of the “Bursa Italian Film Festival” will run from Dec.

19 to 28, featuring early Italian films under special themes. Among these films are the 1896 film “Sua Santitá papa Leone XIII,” directed by Vittorio Calcina It is the first film in which a pope appeared.

The festival will also pay tribute to Italian filmmakers Filoteo Alberini and Italo Pacchioni by screening efforts from them, including Alberini’s 12-minute 1909 film “Il piccolo garibaldino” (The Garibaldi Boy), according to the website of the festival.Giovanni Pastrone’s 1914 silent film “Cabiria” and Enrico Guazzoni’s “Quo Vadis?” the first blockbuster in the history of cinema, will also be featured at the festival.

One of the focuses of the festival will be Italian futurism in cinema as films related to the movement will be shown as part of the event such as Marcel Fabre’s “Amor Pedestre” and Eugene Deslaw’s “March of the Machines.” For further information, visit bursaitalyafilmlerifestivali.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman