TODAY’S – Child worker dies in job accident

Child worker dies in job accidentA 16-year-old worker died after his hand was caught in a lathe in a factory in Denizli province, local media reported on Wednesday.Emin Halastar, who was working at Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, accidentally got his right arm caught in a lathe.

It was not immediately made public which company he works forThe fatal accident happened on Wednesday. Halastarand#39s entire body reportedly became caught in the machinery.

The victimand#39s colleagues at the work site called for an ambulance, and the young man was taken to the hospitalI however, despite all efforts, he could not be saved. Police in Denizli said on Wednesday they had launched an investigation into the accident.

Child labor is widespread in Turkey and in the first half of 2014, 974 workers have died as a result of workplace accidents among them were 19 children. Most child workers in Turkey are employed in the agriculture sector According to data from the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat), since 2006, the total number of child agricultural laborers has increased by 73,000.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman