Though he’s won, he won’t be happy with the result

Though he’s won, he won’t be happy with the resultI hope that Recep Tayyip ErdoIan’s presidency is good for Turkey. Commentators will study the message given by the voters now and politicians will take lessons from it.

But what is not up for discussion is this: A legitimate election took place and consequently ErdoIan will become president. When I look at the election results, I can say that though having won, ErdoIan did not receive a result that will please him The fact that he won with around 52 percent of the vote in an election in which one out of four voters did not go to the polls indicates that ErdoIan will have to reconsider his future plans.

If he had garnered around 60 percent of the vote, as was predicted by some opinion polls, it would lead to other political consequences. The total amount of votes he gained on Aug.

10 is near the number of votes he received in the March 30 local elections however, this is less than the number his party gathered in the latest parliamentary election. (MEHMET Y YILMAZ, HuRRIYET.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman