The Arab Labor Conference elected the State of Qatar as a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Labor Organization within the governments Team. Qatar Chamber was also elected as a member of the unionization freedom committee and the Women’s Committee.

The State of Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Labor, participates in the various main committees of the Arab Labor Conference – which was held in Cairo under the chairmanship of Mauritania – including the Committee on the Implementation of Conventions and Recommendations, the Technical Committee on the issuance of a normative tool on “new patterns of work”, and the amendment of Convention No. 9 of 1977 regarding vocational guidance and training, And the technical committee on technical and vocational education and training policies in light of digital transformation.

The conference was attended by labor ministers, heads and members of delegations from employers’ organizations and labor unions in 21 Arab countries, representatives of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, representatives of Arab and international organizations, and a number of ambassadors and eminent personalities.

Source: Qatar News Agency