The number displaced in KRG reaches to 600 thousand

NEW YORK (CIHAN)- The ongoing fighting in Iraq has pushed the number of displaced in Iraqi Northern Region of Kurdistan to over 600 thousand. Some 24 thousand of them live in a village called Sharyia on the outskirts of Dohuk. Families are dispersed between schools, unfinished buildings and local’s homes who kindly host and look after them.

In one corner of the town queues form every day awaiting lunch distribution by WFP and the Barzani Foundation. Children, women and adults queue for rice and soup.

This kitchen feeds thousands daily, many of them children.

For many this is their only meal today.

Faleh, Zidan, Randa and Dilnaz have just collected food for 4 displaced families.

Faleh and Zidan are cousins and best friends.

Food was not an issue back home in Sinjar. But since fleeing two weeks ago their lives have changed drastically.