The European Parliament has not adopted a resolution on Azerbaijan

Strasbourg: On June 10 at the plenary session of the European Parliament, hearings have been held on “Sport and Human Rights” within the upcoming first European Games in Baku.

Although it was proposed to adopt a separate resolution within this week’s hearings on the subject, put forward by Greens (European Free Alliance), the initiative was not supported by the fact that the voices were equally divided, APA’s correspondent in Strasbourg reports. On this basis, it was decided to hold just the oral hearings.

Prior to the issue related to Azerbaijan, corruption cases in the top leadership of FIFA were also discussed. A number of parliamentarians addressed at the hearings and criticized FIFA, indicating that the organization mired in corruption. They called for thorough reforms and setting up special mechanisms for monitoring in FIFA. Otherwise, they have called the European football federations to withdraw from FIFA.

Then hearings on the first European games started and several MEPs in their speeches expressed concern about the state of democracy and human rights in Azerbaijan. As expected, and this time also Ulrike Lunachek, “specialized on criticism of Azerbaijan” had a speech.

However, there were parliamentarians dissenting and calling first to consider the problems within Europe. So, deputies Gianluca Bonanno, Boris Zala and Anna Gomes opposed politicization of the games and turning sports into a political instrument. They noted that the dialogues between Azerbaijan and the Council of Europe are regularly conducted in connection with the above mentioned issues. “The Council of Europe is doing a lot of work related to Azerbaijan,” said Anna Gomes. MP Boris Zala from Slovenia urged not to mix sports with politics.

The deputy from Italy Gianluca Bonanno noted that human rights also not going smoothly in European countries: “In the world there are many countries where people are being killed, freedoms are violated every day. And here we are engaged in criticizing Azerbaijan. ”

Presenting the position of the Council of the European Union (EU) at the European Parliament debate, the Foreign Ministry State Secretary for EU Affairs Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica said that Azerbaijan plays an important role in the region. She stressed the importance of deepening cooperation with Azerbaijan. Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica also said that, despite the conflict with Armenia, Azerbaijan also invited the Armenian athletes to the European games noted the importance to assess it as a positive gesture. “Within the framework of” Eastern Partnership” the Council continues to cooperate with Azerbaijan,” she said.