The Cabinet Approves Minister’s Decision on Identification of Banned Seedlings

The Cabinet at it weekly meeting, chaired by HE the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, yesterday approved a draft decision of the minister of municipality and environment to identify the poisonous seeds and seedlings that are prohibited from entering and being planted in Qatar.

Under the provisions of the draft decision, the banned poisonous seeds and seedlings shall be determined in accordance with Table 1 attached to this decision.

Poisonous seeds and seedlings used in the medical field which cannot enter Qatar or be planted in the country without the authorization of the competent authority shall be identified in accordance with Table 2, which is annexed to this decision.

The Cabinet reviewed the report prepared by the follow-up committee of the Implementation of Food Security Policies in the Public and Private Sectors on the plans and projects for implementing the National Strategy for Food Security.

– The importance of this strategy is represented in the unifying of stakeholders’ efforts concerned with the food security system.

– The optimal use of the State’s natural and financial resources.

– Strengthening of the food security system against shocks in emergencies.

– The prioritization of food security initiatives and projects.

– Protection and promotion of local production.

– Improvement of the quality and safety of food

– Providing safe and healthy strategic stock.

The Cabinet expressed satisfaction with the implementation of projects and what will be implemented in the future to achieve local self-sufficiency of food commodities and increase the strategic stock of them and with the contribution of the private sector in this area.

Source: Government of Qatar