Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ) organized an engineering seminar for secondary school students from various schools in Qatar.

During the two-day seminar, the university engineering students introduced the secondary students to the TAMUQ world-class accredited engineering programs, in addition to familiarizing them with the atmosphere and traditions enjoyed by engineering students at the university.

The secondary school students participated in several practical workshops and group work activities, including a design competition that allows students to learn about the work of engineers on the ground. The students also learned about the importance and growing need for engineers, especially in the State of Qatar.

The students had the opportunity to learn how to develop leadership skills and take advantage of the TAMUQ extracurricular opportunities, which refine graduates’ skills to become world leaders in engineering.

In this regard, Zeina Al Awda, chair of the Engineering Student Council at TAMUQ, stressed the importance of this event as an opportunity to introduce students to the university, starting with its engineering disciplines and ending with the culture of the “Aggies” – a title given to graduates of Texas A&M University. She noted that secondary school students got the opportunity to talk to current students and get new insights about the sector.

Miguel Trevino, TAMUQ Director of Student Affairs, affirmed the TAMUQ commitment to provide opportunities that enhance the skills of students to become leaders in engineering, explaining that the Engineering Student Council, one of the main student bodies at the university, annually provides opportunities for potential students to allow them to learn about the engineering field and TAMUQ role in helping them achieve their dreams.

He added that this event is one of the many events organized by the Student Council throughout the year, which focus on the basic Aggies values of respect, excellence, leadership, loyalty, integrity and dedication to service.

Source: Qatar News Agency