QU hosted a Teach For Qatar panel discussion on March 1st, dedicated to exploring the challenging yet rewarding nature of the teaching profession.

The event, which took place at QU, was organized in collaboration with Teach For Qatar, a local non-governmental organization working as part of the solution to help address some of the challenges that students face. It does this by reinvesting exceptionally talented leaders into the government school system through a two-year teaching and leadership development program called the Leadership Journey.

The event aimed to raise awareness on the importance of teaching as a career through a brief panel discussion with QU alumni who completed the Leadership Journey. Teach For Qatar as an organization aims to communicate the importance of teaching through community engagement, outreach and social media campaigns such as Be a Teacher campaign, which has been launched early this year. The campaign allows influential members of the community, such as QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham, a chance to experience being a teacher, by entering a real life classroom in a government school to teach a social studies class. The lesson was filmed and QU staff and students got an exclusive view of the episode during the event. The campaign also aims to reestablish the respect for teachers and the vital role they play in shaping the future generation, those who will then contribute to their country’s development and growth.

During the event, Dr Hassan Al Derham talked about his teaching experience in the campaign, in the presence of QU students and staff and Teach For Qatar staff and fellows.

Dr Hassan Al Derham urged youth from various disciplines to join the teaching profession. He said: The teaching profession creates psychological and emotional bonds between the teacher and the students. It is one of the most important professions. A good teacher needs to make an effort to develop himself or herself, and in doing so, this will have a positive impact on the students.

Mohammed Al-Shaabi, a Program Manager at Teach For Qatar, said: Our aim is to position teaching as a viable career choice among top graduates and professionals.

The Be A Teacher episodes can be viewed on Teach For Qatar’s social media channels including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube through the hashtag #beateacher.

Source: Qatar University