Taliban Authorities Ready To Start Peace Talks With Afghan Officials

Kabul – The NUG is trying to restore everlasting peace and stability for Afghans and has recently motivated these efforts to achieve peace through negotiations with oppositions.

Quoting Taliban, it has been said that Taliban leader is making efforts to speedup peace process, said Guardian adding that a delegation of Taliban Qatar office is involved in peace process talks with Pakistan security forces. According to Guardian, some Taliban officials have rejected these talks and claim that the Taliban delegation has gone to Pakistan as if they have been summoned by Pakistan authorities that it would eliminate Taliban independence. These reports were leased after the Afghan ambassador in Islamabad Hazrat Omar Zakhylwal accepted that a Taliban delegation has arrived from Qatar to Islamabad and already started peace talks with their leaders as well as Pakistani authorities. Despite of increasing optimism on the peace talks, but a number of Afghans express doubt that every year with cooling of weather and decrease of wars, peace talks intensifies and but upon changing of weather, war are resumed. Although currently war of armed insurgents is going on against ANSF in different parts and had promised to collapse five provinces but were defeated time and again as recently they sustained a devastating failure in Ghazni province in which about 400 armed insurgents were killed and over 100 injured.

Operation Sultan was launched in Ghazni and as a result 370 armed insurgents were eliminated and over 168 injured and about 35 ANSF were martyred and over 50 were injured. It shows that as much as Taliban insurgents are supported and funded by aliens’ secret services, they cannot resist against ANSF. Because it has been proven that now the ANSF have been sufficiently improved that they manage to rescue different parts in a short time from armed insurgents and inflict heavy blows on them.

Despite of capability of ANSF for defending the country, the NUG has kept the doors of peace talks open to armed insurgents and has repeatedly called on Taliban to drop weapons and pursue their goals through peaceful means. If the Taliban want to live in peace and security and would not destroy their homeland no longer due to provocation of aliens intelligence bodies, attending the peace talks is the only solution otherwise they will be confronted with strong backbreaking reaction of ANSF. War is not a solution, let’s put an end to fratricide war and killing of older and children and restore a permanent peace and security in our homeland. Because Afghanistan has been burning in the last three decades devastating war and has sacrificed all its properties. For improving of its relations with Afghanistan, Pakistan has also closed some madrassas who were giving military training to insurgents and has arrested some Taliban leaders. But it is not clear that if they were those who were against peace processor wanted to attend peace talks with the Afghan government. Prior this the Pakistan government had arrested those Talib authorities who wanted to attend peace talks with the Afghan authorities as a good example was arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Brother in 2010 who failed to cooperate with this process. The Taliban authorities have shown a green light of peace talk’s readiness at a time that the king of Saudi Arabia has pledged to make every cooperation on peace process with the Afghan government.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency