Taliban Aren’t Independence To Carry-out Their Relevant Activities: Commentary

Kabul- Afghan people consider negotiation and mutual understanding the only way for settling the current crisis in their country, but insist the process carried out by Afghans free of foreign interventions.

BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes restarting peace negotiation between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Taliban is good news for Afghan people whose country has sustained heavy casualties and destruction during in about four decades of imposed war. In spite of that negotiation between the representatives of Afghan government and Taliban in Doha the capital city of Qatar carried out behind closed doors, but restarting the process of peace negotiations was a promising news, because Afghan people consider negotiations as an only way for settling the crisis their country suffering for almost four decades.

After the news on Doha’ session leaked to media, Taliban’s delegation in Doha session rushed to Islamabad to inform Pakistani authorities about their negotiations with Afghan delegation there. Zabihullah Mujahid the so-called spokesperson of Taliban confirming the presence of Taliban delegation in Islamabad says a three-member delegation discussed the Afghan refugees and prisoners issues with Pakistani authorities. However, informed politicians say what Mr. Mujahid claimed is not true because Sartaj Aziz the security adviser of Pakistan prime minister has explicitly said that Taliban have come to Islamabad to inform Pakistani authorities about their negotiations with Afghan delegation in Doha. In addition, Sartaj Aziz talked about the readiness of his country’s cooperation for continuation of peace negotiations. One should focus on contradictory speeches of Mr. Mujahid and Mr. Aziz, one links the presence of Taliban delegation in Islamabad to the Afghan refugees and prisoners and the other relates it to Doha negotiations.

If we assess the legal identity of so-called Islamic Emirate of Taliban with international criteria, the Emirate of this notorious group has no place in international arena, so how did Mr. Mujahid discuss the issue of Afghan refugees and prisoners with Pakistani authorities. However, what Sartaj Aziz the experienced Pakistani diplomat has said required focusing on. In this way he wants to say to Afghan people, government and international community that any move regarding to Afghanistan should go through Pakistan with awareness of Pakistani authorities.

In addition, it is a clear fact that the existence of Quetta Council where all Taliban leaders are there, carrying out their activities and the Qatar office of the group is in direct control of it, how can one justifies the tour of Taliban delegation from Doha to Islamabad. This is Pakistan wants to show that it has upper hand on every issue regarding to Taliban. The presence of Taliban delegation in Islamabad indicates that Taliban have no independence in carrying out their relevant activities, while peace process becomes successful just when the process continued only with participation of Afghans without foreign interventions including Pakistan. Therefore, Taliban who claim the independence of the country, performing religious affairs and honoring Islamic laws should work accordingly and determine their stand as an Afghan movement.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency