Taking down flags and erecting statues

Taking down flags and erecting statuesThe terrorist organization [Kurdistan Workersand#39 Party (PKK)] has blocked highways [in the Southeast]. The state has remained silent.

[PKK members] wearing uniforms and holding guns have carried out traffic stops. The state has turned a blind eye to it.

A PKK member took down the Turkish flag [at a military base in DiyarbakIr]. There was no huge reaction to it.

The PKK practically challenged the Turkish state. Which one of these has been met with the [government] reaction it merits? Of course, we should be sensitive to preserving the settlement process [that has been underway between Turkey and the PKK in order to resolve the decades-old Kurdish issue in the southeastern provinces].

Who wants to go back to those days, which were like a nightmare? Who would be glad to see bloodshed and the funerals of martyrs? Yes, the guns have been silenced now. Both the region and the country have experienced a little relief.

But isnand#39t this a bilateral process? Is it only binding on the state and not the members of the PKK?(MUSTAFA uNAL, ZAMAN.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman